Public Contracts (PPP, DSP)

Project Owner Assistance (AMO) for partner selection

Often associated in consortiums with legal and technical partners, C5P participates in missions to support project owners in financial matters as part of competitive dialogue or restricted tenders, to assist public entities in successfully carrying out their work on the following phases :

  • Candidate selection
  • Preparation of tender documents for companies
  • Bid analysis
  • Negotiations and phases of dialogue with candidates
  • Working out contractual specifics with the expected contract-winner

These missions have to do with the financial oversight of procurement procedures for public service concessions in accordance with Article 1411 et seq. of the CGCT [General Code of Local Government], from the selection of candidates to contract development with the operator, but also procurement procedures in the form of open tenders or competitive contracts for partnership agreements, emphyteutic hospital leases, or temporary occupancy authorisations with operating agreements.

Aide au choix du mode de gestion

During investment projects devised by public entities, it is now common to see requests for preliminary studies, to prepare the best possible conditions for successful implementation of the procurement procedure for the selected contract arrangement. In this regard, C5P works to conduct preliminary assessments in compliance with the requirements of the Public-Private Partnerships Support Mission.
C5P also works to carry out studies regarding the selection of management methods for public facilities (convention centres, water departments, waste departments…) to allow elected officials to assess the risks and financial and legal impacts of committing to direct management or outsourcing to a third party operator.

Contract Auditing

We also participate on an ad hoc basis in carrying out annual checks to verify the proper execution of the operating and account auditing contracts for contractors or partnership agreement holders by carrying out :

  • Document audits (on the basis of the contractual, technical and financial documentation available)
  • On-site financial audits (on partner premises)

Examples of a chart drafted after a document audit on the accounts of a delegated service provider

Contract oversight and monitoring

In accordance with the contractual obligations included in all public contracts requiring co-contracting public bodies to oversee and monitor private contractors, C5P provides support to the public bodies in fulfilling these obligations on contracts in progress.
We provide this support for Cities, Ministries, and Public Institutions, for partnership contracts, administrative emphyteutic leases, and public service delegation contracts (water, sanitation, waste, parking facilities, exhibition centres, sports facilities). These services allow public bodies to analyse the suitability of the management method to be used and the service to be awarded. We provide the following :

  • Technical-economic studies for the possible return to public control of outsourced services
  • Ad hoc studies on events to define the specifics of contract execution
  • Support in the conduct of end-of-contract transactions
  • Financial simulations of termination and penalty clauses