Innovative financing

As a result of our experience in other areas of expertise, and thanks to the activity of our legal, and technical partners, and access to new markets by our operator clients, we are invited to participate in projects that combine analysis of innovative methods of financing, such as PPPs, on the international level, and institutional co-financing systems (European Commission, ADB, World Bank, AFD) for the implementation of development assistance programs or public service efficiency improvement efforts for the countries of the ACP zone (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific).

Thus, our services in C5P’s fields of expertise, namely project finance, PPPs, and public policy, have a variety of different contours, such as:

  • Analysing the conditions for implementation of State/Region or State/Overseas Department or Territory [DOM-TOM] contracts.
  • Organising and conducting awareness seminars for national public and private organisations in the ACP countries in regard to PPP related themes.
  • Advisability study on the impact of reducing national support for a particular economic sector (industrial or agribusiness).
  • Study of the impact of tax exemption schemes in the Overseas Departments on trends in private investment.