Monitoring and evaluation of public policies

Assistance with the management of European Funds

We support future project initiators in performing administrative and financial monitoring of the public subsidies granted to them:
– Diagnostics of the initiator’s administrative and financial tools

  • Distribution of roles
  • Cost accounting or separate accounting
  • Internal Management processes: purchasing, travel, signatures
  • Compliance with recordkeeping requirements

– Implementation of management tools

  • Time sheets in compliance with the requirements of the various programs
  • Adding value to costs (calculation methods, eligibility …)
  • Budget oversight
  • Possible remote archiving and processing of documentation (invoices, filings)
  • Summary of key deadlines
  • Compliance with advertising regulations
  • Formalisation of competitive bidding procedures in accordance with the Public Procurement and Ordinance Code of 2005
  • Assistance with preparing progress reports
  • Expense accounting
  • Assistance in writing activity reports
  • Compliance Analysis

Oversight of subsidised organisations

We assist public legal entities in implementing oversight of services rendered to determine the appropriate compensation amounts.

  • Compliance with agreement conditions
  • Compliance with the financing plan
  • Performance measurement
  • Flash financial analysis of subsidised associations

We adjust our methodology to comply with national and European Community legislation :

  • Inspection of services rendered under the European Social Fund
  • Oversight of compensation in accordance with the provisions regarding Services of General Economic Interest (SGEI)