Project Finance (modelling, auditing and updating…)

Financial planning and financial modelling

During operations launched by public entities in the form of a PPP (Partnership Agreement or Public Service Concession), private consortiums submitting bids are required to solicit expert assessments of their financial models so as to ensure the reliability of their financial commitments to the public legal entities. We provide financial consulting services to such consortiums within the following scope of operations :

  • Support for the consortium during the procurement procedure.
  • Preparation of the financial model and assistance in the model audit process.
  • Assistance in relations with the consortium’s lenders.
  • Assistance in development operations for the financial documentation and the financial aspects of the contractual documentation.

The financial models designed and developed by C5P meet industry standards and have been tested and audited following lender due diligence. Since beginning to offer these services in 2009, we have provided support to 10 consortiums, 5 of which have been contract winners.
To maintain our integrity and independence vis-à-vis the consortiums, we strive to never enter into any conflict of interest between these services and the services we provide for public legal entities.