The Firm

Our approaches and fields of activity

hanks to their twofold expertise, in both the “private” and “public” sectors, our consultants know how to decipher the financial challenges faced by public legal entities defend their interests.
They are also capable of facilitating transactions with private operators while protecting the public interest.
They work on projects with investment amounts ranging from € 7 million to several hundred million euros before tax.

Field of activities


Since 2007, C5P has built recognised expertise in the project financing. C5P’s teams have worked with local authorities on large-scale projects bringing in nearly €700 million in funding over the years, through public procurement consulting, negotiation and monitoring contracts.


C5P also supports local authorities and government ministries in conducting prospective financial analyses and project feasibility studies, and oversees the proper execution of contracts signed by the latter. C5P has references in the field of skills transfers and their cost implications (offsetting) in the context of inter-municipal cooperation and decentralisation laws.

Activités_4 C5P also provides financial consulting services to investors, to bidders in tenders and for portfolios acquisition or disposals. As part of these services, C5P designs, builds and audits financial models (see the examples of deliverables) to determine the financing plan, cost savings, business plans and creditor repayment terms to ensure returns on investor equity. We have worked with several contract-winning consortiums representing a total investment of €150 million in partnership and concession agreements.

Lastly, via its “Esprit Public” brand, C5P participates in the control of European Funds and assists in the preparation of grant applications.
Quisommesnous_3 Our work is based on the following principles :

  • Use of a core model, repeatedly inspected by large audit networks, with project-specific adaptations.
  • The systematic presence of highly-qualified, experienced consultants at all the strategic and decision-making stages of the project.
  • Transmission of know-how and a high level of interactivity with principals in executing the services entrusted to us.
  • Effort to establish functional or geographical proximity, supporting the available communication tools.
  • Long-standing relations with players recognised in their respective fields, to guarantee the effective management of joint projects.