The Firm   Who we are ?


5P was created in 2007 by a group of experienced professionals who, after working at major (Big Four) audit and consulting firms as well as at banks, decided to make use of their public project management experience, their skill in corporate finance and public contracting management and their network of providers to offer a range of skills in optimal economic conditions to public institutions and companies providing public sector services.







Quisommesnous_3Its corporate headquarters are located in Bordeaux and its covers the whole of France (including the overseas departments and territories) as well as French-speaking Africa.

C5P’s legitimacy is based around several components, combining integrity, expertise, availability, responsiveness and effective communication with its clients.

Armed with a range of proven skills (corporate finance, finance contracts, public accounting, project management, project finance, banking negotiations) covering a broad field of activity, our consultants are carefully selected to offer every guarantee of success in all operations where they bring their expertise to the table.